Cool-Season Plant Combinations Cool-weather plants that pop in the colors Cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours aren't a reason for your garden to be dull like the weather. Bring some cheer to winter for the South and the beginning of spring in the North by experimenting with These are simple fixes that you can make to add an attractive curb appeal for your front garden or for a bouquet of cheerful flowers on the way to your car every day. Cool weather means less work The plants in this group can be able to withstand frost as temperatures fall to 32 ° F or lower for a couple of hours without difficulty. The climate this time of year makes maintaining simple. The shorter days and cooler temperatures slow the growth of the plants so that flowering lasts longer, and the colours don't fade as fast like they do in scorching summer sunshine. The soil doesn't dry out fast, either and there's no reason to water as frequently. Excellent in containers too! Do you not have an outdoor space? It's no problem. Make use of these same plant species in lesser amounts to make the pot on your deck or balcony. Let's take an in-depth review of what these easy planters can provide. Purple and blue cool-season plants combination The sophisticated combination consisting of blue white, purple and blue is beautiful even when temperatures fall by 20° F. Utilize it to enhance your home's attractive curb appeal in the early or late season. The warmer temperatures cause the stock and those pansies to slow down their blooms and become swollen therefore, it is recommended to change them out with heat-tolerant plants and keep the rest to enjoy for the rest of the throughout the year. The smaller-flowered varieties of violas and pansies, like 'Penny Violet Flare here are more likely to last through cold winters in USDA zones 5-8 for a short time than the more hefty varieties.