Internship Cover Letter

Internship Cover Letter

Internship cover letter examples written by essay writing service provide a starting point for developing your own cover letter. When developing an internship cover letter, it is important to include information about both your academic coursework, as well as any work experience you have. Showcasing your skills and abilities and connecting them to the internship opportunity are instrumental in capturing the reader’s attention. It is important to note, volunteer work can be expressed as work experience, so any volunteer work you have done should be included or highlighted in the cover letter.

Essentially, the cover letter enables you to provide further clarification of your skills and abilities and make correlations to the place of business you are requesting an internship. A good cover letter contains information about the types of skills and abilities the company might be interested in integrating into their day-to-day operations. When developing the cover letter, it is a good idea to think in terms of what skills you possess, and why would you be a great intern for the company you are submitting your request.

The following sample internship cover letter can be used as a guideline for developing your own cover letter.

Notice how the previous sample cover letter for internship use clearly and succinctly articulated what skills and experiences the intern has, and why they would be a good match for the company. Devoting appropriate time and effort to identifying a company that is in line with your future work interests is well worth the effort. For example if you were interested in working for a marketing company, finding an internship that provided substantial marketing experience would be advantageous. On the other hand, if you were interested in entering the workforce as an air traffic controller, doing your internship at Kmart, likely would not enhance your skills. It is important to think long term, about what your career goals, and line your internship opportunity up with that goal.


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